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Shoe Philosophy


Why a soft square toe shape?

Following more than 2000 shoe fittings with women in the airline industry, we realised the toe shapes available in the corporate environment were not ideal for the wellbeing of women's feet.

Motivated to find a solution for a better toe shape we spoke with podiatrists and footwear industry experts and as a result, the soft square toe shape evolved.

Feedback from our customers about our new shoe design confirmed that we had a shoe that they would wear.

This is what makes our shoes special:

  • Soft square toe shape –  Your toes need space to move and wriggle. Our toe shape will allow your big toe to sit as straight as it can, allowing the other toes to not feel restricted.
  • Good fit is essential -  That’s why we have increased our size range to 31 sizes in 2 widths per style! Other brands offer on average 9 sizes, however we know the importance to making sure your feet feel the love with the correct fit. We offer a MEDIUM width in half sizes starting from size 4 -12 and a WIDE width in half sizes from 5 -11.5.
  • Arch support in our contoured removable footbed- Did you know that many of the problems with your feet start in the arch area? We love our arch support and it’s one of the first things women comment about in our shoes. Our removable footbed is perforated to allow air flow and it will hug your feet in all the right places and bear most of the impact of walking on hard surfaces.

  • Complimentary half insole - To make it even better, we have our complimentary half insole as a little helper which slips under the footbed to improve the fit of your shoes, preventing you from slipping at the back. 

  • Built in heel grip- A little bit of padding at the back of the heel is an added bonus and it will help to prevent slipping and also cushion your heel. 

  • Sturdy heels & steel shank– Our block heels have enough width to help prevent your ankles rocking when your heel strikes the ground and gives you better walking balance. Our steel shank is very stable and has been moulded to support your foot.

  • Strong yet soft leathers - We have sourced upper leathers that take the impact of your outer environment and lining leathers that feel soft and work well with your inner environment whether or not you wear hosiery.

  • Rubber non slip sole – No matter what surface you walk on, our non slip sole can withstand the rough and smooth ground you walk on.

We are so excited to bring MILA SOLA to you and are forever grateful to our loyal customers who continue to support our passion of supplying them with shoes they love.