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Some women may find some areas of shoes tight or that dig in some tender areas. Although we’ve added toe room and extra volume in the big toe area (also known as bunion area), sometimes certain feet may feel the extra pinch. We use a little handy trick to help soften the tender areas in shoes.


All you need is a hairdryer and a teaspoon.  Use your hairdryer on warm setting and target the problem area inside the shoe for about 30 seconds until it’s warm. This will make the area soft. Then grab the back of the teaspoon and gently smooth out the area for about 10 seconds. Try the shoes on and test if the smoothing has made enough difference. Repeat this until you feel it has softened sufficiently.


This method targets the problem area and it means that you are stretching the shoe where needed which prevents your feet having the painful job of stretching the tender area.


With any new shoes, we recommend easing into them. Even though they feel comfortable when you try them on, once you walk, your feet will sweat and cause friction between stockings, which can be quite abrasive on your feet. We recommend packing a back up pair of worn shoes and to change over when your feet start giving you signs of tenderness.


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