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One of the highlights of our shoe design is our footbed. It’s the best way to support the contour of your feet.  It bears a lot of the shock from walking on hard surfaces. The heel cup, helps your back heel sit with support and the arch area of our footed is like having a supportive pillow holding it up.  We have also added some perforation at the ball of the foot area to allow an escape path for moisture and help keep your feet cooler.

Another reason we designed our shoes with removable footbeds is to give our customers the option of taking them out to air and dry overnight. This is especially good for our domestic cabin crew airline customers who travel interstate overnight and sometimes don’t have the luxury of having the carry on luggage space to pack multiple shoes.

Notice the texture on our footbed? It helps our hosiery-wearing customers to have more grip so their feet slip and slide less.

Some customers who have been prescribed orthotics find that the support in our footbed is a good alternative.

We also love that our half insole can be placed under the footbed so you don’t see it or feel it.

Once you try shoes with a contoured footbed, it’s hard to go back to a flat shoe. Your feet aren’t flat, so why should the inside of your shoes be flat? 


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