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Mila Sola Blog

Alternating shoes - why they're good for your feet and your shoes

OK, this is a bit gory but it will help you understand why it’s healthy for you not to wear the same shoe everyday….Our feet sweat up to ½ cup everyday!   Sweat will dampen the inside of the shoes and they need 24 hours to dry otherwise the moisture will turn into bacteria/fungus, which is how shoe odour and toe nail conditions happen. Sweat also affects the inside of your shoes and they will deteriorate quicker.   Podiatrists recommend changing shoes daily for the above reason but also so that your feet can use different muscles and to prevent friction in the same spot everyday.   So for healthier feet and for shoes to last longer, aim to alternate between...
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Removable footbed

One of the highlights of our shoe design is our footbed. It’s the best way to support the contour of your feet.  It bears a lot of the shock from walking on hard surfaces. The heel cup, helps your back heel sit with support and the arch area of our footed is like having a supportive pillow holding it up.  We have also added some perforation at the ball of the foot area to allow an escape path for moisture and help keep your feet cooler. Another reason we designed our shoes with removable footbeds is to give our customers the option of taking them out to air and dry overnight. This is especially good for our domestic cabin crew...
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How to use our half insole

Even with 31 sizes in each style, we know how feet can be hard to fit. You may have one foot smaller than the other or you can start off in the morning with cold feet that make your shoes feel a little loose BUT end up with swollen feet by the end of the day. And then there’s the dreaded fact that shoes stretch and slip off your feet!   This is where our half insole comes in handy to solve all these issues in order to help you get the best fit for your feet. Our half insole is like adding ¼ size to your shoe. It’s funny, but some feet may be 7¾, not quite 7½  and not...
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How to soften shoes in tender areas

Some women may find some areas of shoes tight or that dig in some tender areas. Although we’ve added toe room and extra volume in the big toe area (also known as bunion area), sometimes certain feet may feel the extra pinch. We use a little handy trick to help soften the tender areas in shoes.   All you need is a hairdryer and a teaspoon.  Use your hairdryer on warm setting and target the problem area inside the shoe for about 30 seconds until it’s warm. This will make the area soft. Then grab the back of the teaspoon and gently smooth out the area for about 10 seconds. Try the shoes on and test if the smoothing has...
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